Advice for Young Ministers

Not long ago, I was sitting on an airplane when Jesse Jackson boarded and sat in the seat behind me. Jesse Jackson has marked the pages of history as the civil rights lieutenant to Martin Luther King, Jr. and a one-time Presidential candidate.

In his later years, his personal life became embroiled in scandal and spiraled out of control. A Christ follower and Reverend, surely Jesse Jackson had once had different hopes and dreams. How did he run off course?

Life gets busy and we run at a frantic pace. It is important we remember to make the main thing the Main Thing. The call of God on our lives is tied to our relationship with Jesus Christ. If we protect the relationship, we follow the call.

I read that in Jesus’ ministry of 3 1/2 years, only 3 1/2 months were public ministry. The remainder of the time was spent seeking his Father in prayer and discipling his leaders. Let us take note of this pattern. Successful ministry grows out of time spent with Jesus and in prayer. Do not forget from where you came and who has carried you this far. Let’s finish well.